A Brief Overview Of Who We Are

A Personal Note From Greg

Thank you for your interest in discovering a more complete and holistic method to eliminate lingering and persistent property odors. If you are experiencing difficulty living in your home due to a persistent odor, please continue reading. Your breathing and overall health may be affected. I can help create a healthier, odor-free environment for you.

I have been in home improvement services my entire career. Like you, I have known many types of contractors who address repairs and improvements, but few of them specialize in odor elimination. As a matter of fact, before 2015, I had never heard of anyone who specialized in odor removal.

There are service providers who claim they can eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke and pet odors, but for most of them, it is an add-on service and not a specialty.

They lack knowledge of the science behind eliminating these difficult problems.  Without a study of the science of the behavior of odor molecules, any attempt is a guessing game, relying completely on the statements of the manufacturers of the products or machines. There is much more to consider. Every local environmental condition matters.

I have spent many years researching and studying the products and techniques required to actually eliminate problem property odors at a molecular and biological level. I invite you to contact me to discuss the custom strategy necessary to create a healthy, odor-free environment for you.